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John, the side axe was spot on, did from cutting wood poles and carving utensils

 many thanks David West

Hi John,
I've now spent about 6 hours on hedge laying, (2 half days) Billhook is great, unlike it's new owner who is exhausted, I never
thought it would be such hard work! I'ts edge has retained i'ts sharpness dispite the abuse due to my inexperience, and i'm really glad I took your advice and got the smaller one.
Will let you know my progress in couple of weeks, I'm going on weeks cycling holiday in Peak District this week
Regards Arthur.

Bill H

John has provided me with a superb small bill hook made of a piece of an ex-Toyota Hilux spring.
The bill hook, ideal for hedging work, has a thin blade with good balance and is easily honed to a very sharp edge that it holds well.
I can confirm the edge is sharp as I have cut my hand twice just preparing to use it.

I approached Mr John Beavis with a challenge - make some railings and banisters for a modern house, but create a traditional  feel to them. He faced this task with characteristic enthusiasm, producing a first class product by employing many of the skills only a blacksmith can - the result was stunning and the railings have attracted many favourable comments; they will be enjoyed for generations to come. I fully commend John Beavis to anyone"

RMB - Brinkworth

Hi John,

Just to say that I have done my first hedge and the billhook was excellent. Nicely balanced and stayed sharp to the end of a  30 metre tough hedge.

Christian Schwetz - Based in the Chilterns


My billhook arrived today,OUTSTANDING! Thank you for a quality product and a wonderful experience from start to finish. You have exceeded all of my expectations I am sure this hook will far outlast me and provide generations of service.In the vernacular of your country," excellent piece of kit."The only possible improvement could be to have met in person. 

Sincere thanks again! Raymond Garcia




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